How a simple exercise can change everything

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While navigating some significant struggles years ago, I found myself feeling pretty down. My husband had recently lost his job, and to secure new employment, we had to leave my hometown and family behind.

Just weeks after relocating, we learned that his new employer was floundering financially and found ourselves with a 55% reduction in salary. I was seven months pregnant, and while I was making some income with freelance work, it wasn’t anywhere near enough to make up for my husband’s lost income and the fact that we had not yet sold our previous home.

I did not have…

From CPA to Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach

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Last year, I completed the rigorous graduate-level training and practice hours required to become a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach.

While some have wondered how I ended up in such a profession given my work history, I do not. I was born to do this work, and while such a career did not exist when I graduated from college, it is now a viable career path with a bright future that feels like the perfect match for me.

My earlier professional endeavors included working as an accountant (I still maintain my CPA…

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If you feel particularly vulnerable to unhealthy eating right now, either due to stress and/or boredom, you are not alone! If the time feels right for cracking down and eating super healthy, go for it. But, if the time doesn’t feel right, and you want to get a handle on the food situation, here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

Eat Slowly. With some conscious effort and a bit of practice, we can slow the pace of our eating tremendously and, as a result, likely enjoy our food more while consuming less. According to research published in the BMJ…

This is my love letter to the land that’s been in my family since the 1800s.

“What is your favorite place in all the world?

When my fourth-grade teacher posed this question more than four decades ago as an introduction to a writing assignment, I knew in an instant that my answer was Athens, Texas — especially the tract of family land just three miles north of town, land that has been in my father’s family since the late 1800s.

Living in Austin at the time, I wrote about my family’s East Texas plot of earth with all the passion a 9-year-old could muster, waxing on and on about the place I loved nearly as I…

Debra Woods

Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach. Passionate about whole-person health and wellness for individuals, groups and organizations.

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