Losing Relative Means Giving Up Most Favorite Place in the World

This is my love letter to the land that’s been in my family since the 1800s.

Many throughout history have left their family land behind

As I processed this reality with my sister, she reminded me that in the history of our family, this will not be the first time our people have left a home and land behind forever in someone else’s care. And she is right.

Imagining the future owners

Sometimes, I imagine the new owners as a 30-something professional couple, looking for a weekend respite from big-city life. I can see them heading southeast from Dallas on a Friday afternoon, relaxing more and more as they leave the congestion of the urban landscape behind, their conversation uninterrupted except for the Corgi and Chocolate Labrador in the backseat, eager to run free at their weekend home.


It is bittersweet to report that we have sold the house and land. The sweet part is that the buyer — a hardworking young man in his mid-20s — fell in love with the land the moment he saw it for the first time. He has big plans for how to make the most of his newly purchased hilltop heaven, and I feel sure that my aunt would approve of his energetic and enthusiastic plans.

Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach. Passionate about whole-person health and wellness for individuals, groups and organizations. www.woodswellnesscoaching.com

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