The “129 Things to Be Thankful For” Challenge

How a simple exercise can change everything

Photo by Judit Peter on Pexels

Inspired by my daughter’s example

And then one weeknight, in the middle of that challenging time, a single interaction with my 8-year-old daughter changed everything. She burst in through the front door, wearing a big smile and waving a white sheet of paper in my face.

Gratitude in the middle of a pandemic

And then the pandemic hit, and, like everyone, our lives changed dramatically overnight. No personal or business travel. No graduation ceremonies, special events, or activities for our kids. No visits with extended family. The loss of a job. Medical emergencies and hospitalizations. A country in political turmoil. And so much more.

What are your 129 things?

I could share 126 things more, and then some, but I didn’t write this article to share my 129 things. Rather, I wrote it to invite you to consider making a list of your own. What would you include in your 129? And what difference might such a list make?

Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach. Passionate about whole-person health and wellness for individuals, groups and organizations.

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